Your degree is within reach.
At Walton University, we strive to make higher education highly accessible. Financial options, including financial aid, are available for those who qualify. Options include:

Financial Aid

Several low-interest financial aid options are available. Walton University participates in many financial aid programs, including the Stafford Student Loan, the PLUS Loan and the Pell Grant. There is no charge for processing financial aid applications, and your enrollment representative can walk you through the process while helping you with your application for admission. 

Financing Options

Walton University offers numerous options for financing your education. Our cash-paying plans let you pay for one course at a time rather than an entire semester or year at once. Alternatively, pre-paying tuition will guarantee that your rate will not increase for the duration of your program. 

Company Funding

Walton University is eligible for most company reimbursement programs. In fact, 45 percent of our students receive all or part of their tuition from their employers

"The education was state-of-the-art and very practical. I learned a variety of effective teaching strategies, research techniques and methods of curriculum development. Throughout the program, I also had to give presentations and that really improved my presentation skills."

—Barbara Brock, Master of Science in Nursing/Nursing—Health Care Education, 2006 graduate
"I thought the instructors were very knowledgeable. I liked the learning team format and being able to network with different people in my field from around the country. The advisors were all very helpful. They would get back to me very quickly with answers, and they checked up on me occasionally to make sure everything was OK."

—Damian Farz, Master of Science in Nursing/Nursing—Health Care Education, 2006 graduate