In 1998 Walton University launched its 25th campus of the University, Online Campus.  The Online Campus delivering more than 50 distance education programs to learners around the world. The Online Campus carried on Walton's proud tradition of more than a century of delivering distance education programs designed to meet the educational goals of a diverse set of learners.

The Online Campus provides adult learners worldwide with some of Walton's most highly regarded graduate, undergraduate, and continuing professional education degrees, certificates, or courses available anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to complete your degree, make yourself more professionally marketable, or sharpen a few skills, we can help you get where you want to go.

Since the Online Campus launched its first pilot programs in 1998, it has grown to includeexceptional adult leaders from all 50 states, from more than 40 countries, and from all 7 continents. These students are all part of our global learning community, interacting with faculty and exchanging ideas and expertise with one another, as they strive to meet their personal educational and career goals.

We invite you to explore this site to learn how your educational goals can be accomplished.

Two key words for Online Campus are quality and flexibility. You can expect the same high-quality, academically challenging courses as those taught in the classroom. In fact, the credits you earn through World Campus are identical to those earned at our traditional campuses.

Online Campus also gives you the flexibility to study wherever you are. As job responsibilities grow increasingly complex and family schedules become more hectic, online education enables you to study at times and locations that are convenient for you

Walton's Online Campus programs are supported by a full range of student services. Support services, such as library access, advising, and assessment, are structured to meet your needs while providing you support that is often lacking in more traditional distance education programs. We understand the complexities of being an adult learner and offer outstanding resources to help you achieve your goals.